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Izzi Ramkissoon is a award-winning electro-acoustic composer, performer, inventor, bassist, and electronic multimedia/sound artist.  As a composer his composition Sub-ter-ain Frequencies 5.1 won the prestigious 2007 Look & Listen Festival Composition Prize (NYC).  Izzi has earned his undergraduate degree from the College of Staten Island majoring in both Electrical Engineering and Music Composition and Jazz Performance.  He is currently pursuing a Master’s at NYU in Music Technology.  Izzi’s research interest includes interactive multimedia music performance and composition, sensor networks, wireless interface design, multi modal haptic feedback, and music cognition.  His recent interactive projects include, the Beatnik, which is an interactive glove controller used for editing, pitch shifting, warping, glitching drum loops in a real-time performance setting and the Sensor S.O.C.K, which is a gesture based controller interface for multimedia dance performance.  As a performer Izzi leads his own multimedia ensemble Crackcodez in NYC and collaborates as a composer/bassist with the new music experimental group Kingdom of Jones, DJ Udachi, and the NYU New Music Ensemble in live performances.

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