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I'm JW (friends call me JW or J2theW) and I love extreme sports for giving me a adrenaline rush. I'm not a pro or something. I just like to tape the things that I do and show other people how amazing some sports can be.

The sports that I did or still doing are:
- snowboarding
- buggying
- paragliding
- powerkiting
- buggying
- wakeboarding
- kneeboarding (champion of my city ^^)
- downhilling

..and many more but I dont wanna bother you with that ;)

The most movies that you will find here (summer 2008) is from paragliding a.k.a. parapenten. I do this most of the times by a flyschool in Westendorf. I started flying in the summer of 2005 because the year before I did a tandem flight and really enjoyed it. I flew in the winter of 2007-2008 by myself but I just like to fly with that flyingschool. This is just because its a lil' bit more safe and more FUN :D For info about that you can check para.at . But please remember I just fly sometimes with them and they dont approve all the movies (I think) that I will post here. So this Vimeo site is not a part of their company! Please get this in mind and if you don't get me.. please contact me!

Later on I hope I will post some cool movies about kiting and buggying. I was in 2008 in Fano(Denmark) with 9 friends by the biggest kite festival from Europe. Check the foto's here: j2thew.bright-online.nl/foto and find the album "FANO2008"

And a other sport that I do (what you already readed) is downhilling.. I have taken some movies but im not sure if I will post it here.. Cause mayb they are a lil' bit boring for some people.. And in the winter offcourse SNOWBOARDING :D

For more info just check my site bright-online.nl/j2thew

Thanks for checking my profile!
And do you wanna contact me or something? My mail is j2thew@live.nl
or facebook.com/j2thew

p.s. my english is not that great..

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