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  1. Panasonic GH4K

    by Bill Bruner joined

    1,283 Videos / 1,181 Members

    This group will showcase the best work from the new Panasonic GH4 4K cinema camera. Panasonic calls it "the world's first DSLM camera to record 4K videos" - but it is also the world's…

  2. Passionate about GH3 and GH4

    by The Film Artist joined

    1,010 Videos / 327 Members

    This group is dedicated to the GH3 and now GH4

  3. Panasonic GH2

    by Andrew Reid joined

    11.1K Videos / 4,339 Members

    Discuss the Panasonic GH2 Micro Four Thirds G Lumix camera, watch footage from the GH2 and upload your GH2 footage. Please make sure GH2 videos have at least the word 'GH2' in the title,…

  4. Panasonic GH2 tests

    by Jordan Levy joined

    430 Videos / 169 Members

    Panasonic GH2 tests, featuring; quality, lenses and slow motion

  5. Anamorphic

    by mataikan joined

    2,287 Videos / 1,551 Members

    Video Shot using anamorphic lens and emulating anamorphic effects

  6. 3D Animation

    by Zafiris Kalantzis joined

    34.8K Videos / 13.6K Members

    Here you can find and put all kind of 3D animated Videos.

  7. 3D comunities

    by CPU_Master joined

    143 Videos / 24 Members

  8. 3d stuff

    by setsuko joined

    8,256 Videos / 2,262 Members

    3d stuff goes here!!!!!!!!

  9. highMotion

    by Ryan Le Roux joined

    173 Videos / 45 Members

  10. Character Animation

    by Yelenloud joined

    9,208 Videos / 3,241 Members

    This group is for all things involving character animation. I'm interested in seeing various styles and media including stop motion, traditional, After Effects, Flash animation, etc. I want to…

  11. Animated toys and puppets

    by A boy with glasses joined

    660 Videos / 251 Members

    As a kid you would always imagine the teddy bear could actually speak, or the little tin soldiers could actually engage in a mini-scale war, or that robots and stuffed animals could interact peacefully. Whatever…

  12. NB Puppets Group

    by Natural Bridges Puppets joined

    43 Videos / 31 Members

    This group is for people who enjoy NB Puppets, Puppets, and Ventriloquism. If you're a puppeteer or ventriloquist, or someone who enjoys them, then join us.

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