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I have been creating short films for about as long as I can remember. A friend and I started way back utilizing my parents old VHS camcorder. Our only form of editing back then was when to start and stop the camera recording. Eventually, we outgrew that and I bought a mini-dv camera along with an external microphone and Sony Vegas editing software and transformed what had been a hobby into genuine work doing school and community projects. This progressed to me pursuing a degree in Telecommunications Production at Ball State University. While there, I worked with the Indiana Dept. of Tourism creating two promotional videos around the state, volunteered my time with a student run PR firm (eventually pioneering the creation of a video production team), and directed a few short films. I am anxious to continue refining and expanding my skill set.

I also traveled quite extensively in the fall of 2009 while studying abroad in London through Ball State’s London Center Program. It definitely served me well and helped me develop a sense of self-reliance that I couldn’t have achieved otherwise. I fully intend on continuing my travels and can’t wait to continue seeing and experiencing new places and cultures.

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  • My Personal Website - This is my own site featuring samples of my photography and videography.
  • YouTube - More samples of my work on YouTube including animations.


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  1. Thanks a lot for making such a comparison video. I have had ML for quite a while and just recently started looking into the possibility of RAW video with my T3i. It's great to have a sample of what I could expect here along with a workflow chart. Kudos!