Jacek Jedrzejczak

Warsaw, Poland

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Born in Warsaw, where he lives and creates. Warsaw University graduate, Member of the Polish Art Photographers Association. Works in the field of art photography and video art. Searches and experiments in various art genres as well. The main direction of his artistic discoveries is the analysis of the human nature, its darker sides - fears, anxieties, sources of agression.

In his works - both video and photographic - he tries to leave the viewer the possibility to identify and interpret the complex human nature on his own. For many years now he has been involved in the research of the ideas of phototherapy and work with the body.

Author of the "psychophotography-innerphotography” term and the psychophotography theory, which he has been using since 1995. Maximum emotional integrity between the model and the photographer, who become co-creators of the artistic project, is one of the foundations of the theory.

Well-wishing observer of the decentrism movement. Lecturer, art collector, publisher.

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