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  1. Abstract

    by Andy Galletly

    18.3K Videos / 5,502 Members

    A place for abstraction, experiments with form/colour/movement/time

  2. Art and others

    by Birthman1

    280 Videos / 99 Members


    by Octavi Royo Olazaguirre

    12.7K Videos / 2,974 Members

  4. Artistic Videos

    by Jan Chlupacek

    19.4K Videos / 4,139 Members

    Videos around Vimeo that you found artistic and just worth watching.

  5. Audio for Video

    by Ian Lucero

    4,396 Videos / 2,147 Members

    A place to discuss the different processes videographers and filmmakers use for audio. This group also welcomes podcasters, recordists, tapers, sound engineers, musicians, etc. to participate. Mainly…

  6. Best Sexy Vimeo

    by man

    5,475 Videos / 6,678 Members


  7. Black and White Nudes

    by Joe Garcia

    28 Videos / 265 Members

    Group for videos and picture copulations of Black and White Nudes.

  8. Erotica Visuala

    by Hybryds

    3,190 Videos / 5,861 Members

    All visuals dealing with erotic, nudes, and sexual ideas. No porn, although we like to cross borders with this group. No slideshows of pictures, do not post to much, keep room for others.

  9. Exit to Eden

    by Diane Lowe

    3,062 Videos / 4,478 Members

    Fantasy, seduction, imagination Filled with the most beautiful sexy women on Vimeo. For more amazing videos follow Cafe Fantasy @ vimeo.com/channels/cafefantasy

  10. Experimental/Abstract

    by Dead Set Films

    24.5K Videos / 9,023 Members

    Films using experimental techniques, abstract visuals, or non-traditional elements. Out-of-the-box, antinorm, or just plan weird and creative.

  11. experimental and unusual

    by Neil Cross

    20.2K Videos / 4,906 Members

  12. Experimental Filmmakers

    by Aaron Freeder

    60.4K Videos / 17.5K Members

    For those of you who aren't another "face" in the crowd of the millions of filmmakers out there. The group of the few. The group that exceeds the limitations that our society knows…

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