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Chamber pop band led by Julien Lonchamp, a Frenchman in exile in Edinburgh
New EP "Saharian sands" available on Bandcamp: jackandthe.bandcamp.com/releases

Debut album "Vacation (a pop manifesto)" available on Folkwit Records (2012)

"... a sunny escape, an oasis of happiness, a celebration of music so joyful that it is impossible to resist to its infectious melodies" (Popnews, France)
"... invokes the entire High Llamas oeuvre, The Divine Comedy, McCartney's first solo records and makes you wish Dennis Wilson had made more music on his own" (Fatea Showcase, UK)
“... building a wonderfully odd umbrella all of their very own out of extended whistling solos and songs about buses, puppeteers and Norwegian lakes” (Amazing Radio, UK)
“... glorious harmonies, good Beatles-ish keyboards, McCartney-esque vocals and feelgood sensibility” (Hotpress, Ireland)

Contact: jackandthe@gmail.com

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