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Jackie Lynn Freeman, better known as Jack Freeman is an R&B singer from Houston, Texas. Freeman was born 11/8/88 and grew up listening to everything from Geto Boys and Donnie Hathaway, to Jimi Hendrix and Elton John. Jack was a natural athlete, after playing football in high school, Jack received a full scholarship to University of Texas El Paso. After realizing that football wasn't what he was set out to do in life, he subsequently discovered an amazing talent. Freeman put his sports dreams aside, to fully pursue his music career. He focused all of his time to his new found passion and released his debut EP, Dark Liquor in September 2010. The EP received critical acclaim with the Houston Press summing the project up by saying, "It is, in short, excellent; six songs saturated with heart and sexiness and allure and magnetism."

The project grabbed to attention of many notable figures in the industry including local, regional and national names, including: Killa Kyleon, Devin The Dude, Shawn Christopher, Big K.R.I.T., and many more to come. On his 23rd birthday, Jack released his debut full-length album, Lynnie's Juke Joint. The album featured 11 completely original songs, with production by Free (of The Niceguys), Jett I. Mastyr, and Chris Rockaway. The album once again showcased Jack's amazing range and songwriting ability, the album also gained him a Houston Press Music Award nomination for "Best Male Vocal". Freeman's collaboration with Killa Kyleon, "Make Me A Killing", was named the "Best Hip Hop Song of 2011". Jack continues to make a lane for the male R&B singer in Houston and many say he brings the genre's most valued qualities back in a music world where auto-tune runs wild. Jack Freeman is currently working on his musical portfolio and plans to start a new project, in the new year.
Establishing his artistry less than a year ago, Jack already has the internet social networking arena buzzing with the recent release of Dark Liquor, a seven track introductory EP that fuses the sounds of classic 70s Motown R&B and Funk with a more modern sound of today. The title Dark Liquor is used to describe Jack’s sound, Jack explains: “You always see clear liquor like Vodka or Ciroc associated with the club scene and up-tempo party music, on the contrary you have your Hennessey or Crown when you want to mellow out and just chill, maybe pop in some Al Green, you don’t really see a lot of that today, so I wanted to give the people a little taste of Dark Liquor.” And that the young man is definitely doing, whether you are a seventies hipster or an eighties baby Dark Liquor offers something for everyone. The EP includes tracks such as “Figure it Out” a revolutionary wakeup call for the masses, “Away”, a vulnerable love song, and “20/20” a musical epiphany, all seven tracks are sure to leave you with the smooth taste and relaxation that “Dark Liquor” is intended to give. The EP is available for purchase on iTunes, and Amazon, and Bandcamp.

Before Jack started taking steps to becoming an artist you might have seen or heard him collaborating with hip-hop group The Niceguys, and before that you might catch him running yards on a college football field. “I played football for fourteen years, two of which were in college. I realized that with all the changes and ups and downs playing a sport could bring, the one thing that remained constant in my life was my love for music”. This sudden change of heart towards football left Jack with the ultimate decision to quit football and move back to his home in Houston. His new found passion for music called him to tap into the Houston music scene where he connected with his good friend Yves of The Niceguys, through which he met Free, Todd and DJ Candlesticks also from the group. Later Jack would be featured on The Niceguys’ single “Not at All” off The Green Room EP, which gained recognition from XXL magazine, and various other hip-hop blogs. The Niceguys collaboration was Jack’s début as an artist, and to no surprise everyone wanted to know who that raspy voiced kid was singing the hook. Jack took his new found notoriety and ran with it. He began doing features for other local artist, smashing performances with The Niceguys and eventually found his way to Dark Liquor.

Although it seems as if Jack Freeman has accomplished so much in little less than a year, in his mind this is only the beginning: “I don’t want to be boxed in”, he says, describing his desire to dabble in other genres. Jack is a firm believer of music as a whole, not necessarily categorizing artists into specific genres. Keeping in touch with his soulful roots, he plans to develop his sound and experiment with other types of music as well. He anticipates Dark Liquor to be the catalyst that authenticates the Jack Freeman brand, and by this time next year have another project ready for his listeners. All-in-all Jack Freeman is here to stay, with his timeless sound and charming lyrics there is no denying that he is breath of fresh air that the music industry has so desperately been waiting to take in. So sit back and relax with a glass of Dark Liquor, the Jack Freeman movement has just begun.

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