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My photography started as a way to purely document my travels throughout the United States and Europe, but it has become my main form of creative expression. Too often we pass by natural beauty or fail to appreciate the things we are surrounded by every day. Through my photography I hope to preserve what has been forgotten and renew that which we have grown accustomed to.

In recent times my work has focused on the landscape-astrophotography field. This style of photography takes many notes from both astronomy and traditional landscape photography and then combines the two. Hours are spent planning shots out days, weeks and sometimes even months in advance to make sure all of the elements align properly. Being able to capture the sense of wonder and vastness that we can feel while staring out in a star filled sky is a feeling unmatched.

Photography is my escape; it’s my peace in an otherwise hectic place. I hope that viewers find the same beauty and serenity in viewing my images as I find making them.

Please contact me for usage of any of the images on this site. JWFusco@gmail.com

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