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Jacqueline Koenig (born November 23, New Jersey), better known as Jackie Rose is a Peruvian-American Model, Musician and Actress/Comedian.

At the age of 5, Koenig performed "Somewhere over the Rainbow" as the opening act for her schools production. It was then that she knew her dream as a performer. Later, after taking her first part in a play as 'Rosie' in "Bye, Bye Birdie", Koenig started modeling. Getting her first headshots in Miami, FL, which led to many musical performances and becoming a lead vocalist in the R&B group, "Cynz". Soon after, she began her career with Hawaiian Tropics as a model and spokesperson . During college, Koenig modeled throughout Florida competing for "Miss Florida" as well as "Miss Hawaiian Tropics" and appeared on the Reality TV Show, "The Real World: Key West." Koenig obtained her Bachelors of the Arts in English degree and has continued to pursue her passion. Koenig is a trained public speaker, writer, singer, model, actress/comedienne, dancer (ballet), gymnast, and swimmer (synchronized). She is currently doing musical performances all over New York City.

Koenig has lived in New Jersey, Florida, New York City, and Hollywood, CA. She has appeared in Reality TV Shows, countless promotional events, a variety of Hawaiian Tropic Ads, as well as being a regular on the LA and NYC social scene.


Thank you to everyone who came out to support on 11/21 at Desmond's Tavern, NYC. We had a great time!

*I will be in touch with upcoming gigs and new creations!


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