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Jack McGrath has been a passionate animator since the age of twelve. He has directed several short animated films during his time at Sydney College of the Arts Australia. In 2007 he studied in the Film Animation and Video department at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the United States. He has shown his films at various film festivals in Australia and internationally, including the ‘Sydney Underground Film Festival’ and the RISD graduation screening in Rhode Island. McGrath’s fine arts foundation has led to a very unique experimental style of animation, working and collaborating with other artists in different disciplines has given birth to a different perspective and aesthetic in animation. Working with fellow Master of Fine Arts (MFA) graduate and glass artist, Mark Elliot, the pair has created a unique way of giving life to glass. Through stop motion animation, a once rigid material is transformed into a molten liquid on the screen.

McGrath’s MFA thesis, focusing on Surrealism in animation and mythological narrative, has informed an animation practice that endeavors to create aesthetics and themes not present in mainstream animation and combine them with ancient mythological narratives to create a product that is accessible to a wide audience while still being original and abstract.

Jack has been teaching animation to university students for over two years. Drawing from his wide research on the techniques and theory of animation, McGrath informs students of the diverse world that is animation art. Working across a wide range of animation mediums including 2D, 3D, Stop motion, special effects, pixolation and the newly discovered glass animation ‘Glass-mation’, McGrath has built a solid foundation for his practice and research in animation.

McGrath has now expanded his teaching to underprivileged Primary and Secondary public schools, conducting special animation and film making workshops on behalf of the University of Sydney. McGrath’s teaching in the theory and techniques of animation has proved to be an extremely positive, engaging and motivating experience for disadvantaged students.

McGrath’s current film in production ‘Journey to the centre of the mind’ is a stop-motion animation that is being created from a large team of model makers, printmakers, painters, glass artists, sculptors, ceramists, digital animation and effects artists and stop motion animators. Jack has demonstrating his passion for drawing from a huge range of fine arts disciplines to create animation that is unique and diverse.


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