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Mark Jackson - Director, DOP, Editor & VFX showreel

I am a multi-skilled filmmaker based in London. I have over 10 years experience working on a broad range of projects including TV commercials, award winning shorts, feature films, virals, corporates and music videos.

I have directed and done the post production on several successful advertising campaigns. My corporate videos work has seen me working with some of the most well known companies and filming all around Europe.

I have expertise across all areas of production. From script-writing and developing the concept, to directing, shooting and lighting. I can also handle the full post-production process from cutting, vfx, grading and sound mixing.

I am always working on my own personal film projects and have made two feature length films, several award winning shorts, a 30 minute musical, a TV pilot and created a comedy viral which has had over 10 million hits.

I also have a wide range of my own equipment, including my own Canon 5D Mark II, lens, grip gear, lighting, sound and post-production equipment.

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