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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Tandem mountain bikers extraordinaire.
Both mountain bikers from way back, Jackson and Rose first tried riding a tandem in 2005 when they wanted to ride the around lake Taupo race together, but felt that the relay option was hardly riding together. Some hairy excursions with the road tandem on gravel roads fired their mountain biking spark and they quickly put together a basic off-road tandem. From there on they never looked back and have raced around the country.
After achieving the race record for tandems in the Karapoti (“New Zealand’s longest running mountain bike race”), they started looking for new challenges beyond XC racing. At the 2009 single speed nationals they exceeded the capabilities of their old hardtail tandem, with one of the high-speed jumps flinging Rose so far out of the seat that her feet were ripped out of the SPD pedals. After that experience Jackson set about building a decent trail tandem and custom built a very capable 150mm travel full suspension frame in their garage.
Since making the new bike and moving Christchurch their focus has shifted to Enduro racing with the odd DH, XC or adventure race thrown in for good measure. Jackson is in the process of building an even more capable bike for the big hucks. Stay tuned for more videos once it is finished.


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  1. great bike and great family too cheers from italy!!