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  1. SHARPIE commented on TYLER
    Interesting use of diffusion. White/Beige net?
  2. Hey this is quite good. Reminds me very much of the minimal warm/cool lighting of Eyes Wide Shut. Nice compositions too. Were you using smoke or a hazer? Were the exterior lights just tungsten with ctb?
  3. I wonder what camera this is.
  4. Good advocacy for the continued use of film. It's still cheaper in the long run. Film cameras can be purchased for peanuts these days. Shooting a fully mechanical film camera will make you a better photographer - plus you get that unparalleled organic…
  5. Interesting concoction of spaghetti western and giallo. Django!
  6. SHARPIE commented on Vivid Pocket
    Excellent color retention, but it does look very soft and maybe a bit too videoish. Still, an awesome deal.
  7. SHARPIE commented on Paper City
    Thanks! If you did a tutorial a lot of people would be thankful. This technique and low poly is really popular right now.