Jacky Kwan Tai Ho

Johannesburg, South Africa

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  1. Beautiful stuff buddy! Wish u were here for ours :'(
  2. Absolutely love this :) Brilliant concept, emotion and just fun :) Love it guys well done! ;)
  3. WOW! Amazing, absolutely SICK! Thanks so much Bevan ;-)
  4. Ur becoming a film maker... One which truly inspires ;) 0:17 wow Martin, wow
  5. This is so beautiful Martin :'-) Its so inspiring watching you travel the world! My favorite movie from you, so stunningly filmed, edited and the emotion behind the shots is moving. One day I will join you on a travel my friend, 5 years, 10 years…
  6. Awe buddy, loving the flares ;)
  7. :'( Beautiful, i am so inspired to live life again, its such a beautiful place wow. Thank-you Dieter, well-done