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Best known as the creator of the iconic floral skull image made for late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2008 Menswear collection, Jacky Tsai combines traditional Chinese painting techniques and references with western Pop Art styles.

Clearly influenced by the artist’s move to London from his native China in his early 20’s, Tsai’s work embraces two cultural extremes by fusing social imagery associated with east and west to produce works which are both conceptual and aesthetically pleasing in equal measures.

With a keen interest in fashion and textiles after his work with McQueen, Tsai often prints his collage images onto silk instead of paper, and in 2011, he set up his own luxury fashion label with the intention to place the imagery he creates for his art onto clothing. His aim is to break the barrier between art and fashion and create "art level" fashion products for collectors of both art and fashion.

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