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I've been creating entertainment and educational video presentations for on-line, broadcast, and disc media for 5+ years. Special moments include work on projects as a producer/DP/editor for Paladin Media Group and Discovery Education; Big C New Me; the Center for Watershed Protection; and Keith Morris and the Crooked Numbers.

Most recently, I was part of the creative team for the 2014 Adrenaline Film Project Jury Award winning film, "The Proposal," at the Virginia Film Festival. During this past year, I have been heading up the Digital Media for BIG C NEW ME, a cancer survivor support group based in Charlottesville, that is developing a national scope. I also completed work on "Return to Plan 9," a documentary which explores the life of John Johnson and his growth as a filmmaker through the trials and tribulations of remaking the "worst movie ever made," PLAN 9 from Outer Space.

At present, I'm a DSLR Shooter utilizing the Canon 5D mkIII, 5D mkII, and 7D with multiple prime lenses. I also have experience working with other types of traditional video cameras and have created visual elements through chromo-key production, animation produced in-house, photography and motion control, video compositing, teleprompter and other A/V facilities.

To learn more about me professionally, please check out my LinkedIn page from the button below. To learn more about me professionally, please check out my LinkedIn page from the button below.

I look forward to helping you create and capture your vision...


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