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Award-winning director Jacopo Miceli began his visual training in the world of graphic design, at Polytechnic Institute of Milan. While working with art directors and photographers in the Italian fashion and advertising industries, he integrated his love of film, theatre, dance and music working on self-produced and commissioned projects, eventually collaborating with top production companies.

Upon winning the 2007 ex-aequo first prize at MOVI&CO (Future Film Festival) with a commercial that he directed for an Italian brand, he moved towards more narrative-based film work. After his 2-year MA in Screen Directing at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, he moved to Los Angeles for researching and developing innovative transmedia storytelling projects for the US market.

In the last 8 years he has been involved in numerous international productions among which commercials, music videos and feature films. Jacopo has mostly specialised in storytelling and visual effects as well as developing new media projects. He works and lives in London and Los Angeles.

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