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After a much lauded and successful career as an Art Director at the world’s number one ranked agency Jae has re-launched himself upon the same trajectory as a Director at Finch. Jae has cemented himself as one of the industry’s most creative Directors. Having worked with such prominent clients as Pepsi Co, Levis, Volkswagen, Fisher & Paykel, State Insurance and Bonds, Jae continually brings bold ideas with challenging, visual executions to his work.

In his time at BBDO Colenso Jae picked up multiple awards including a Gold Lion at Cannes and Yellow Pencil at D&AD culminating in him being ranked as the number five Art Director in the world. As a Director Jae has already received multiple film craft awards, including a Silver and Bronze Cannes Lion and a finalist in the Cannes Young Director Award. 

His passion for the screen, his love of design and his knowledge of fine arts have all combined to produce stunning and powerful pieces of cinema that have blossomed under the guide of his natural storytelling abilities. Training in the Meisner technique for two years as an actor has honed his performance direction in a way that few directors experience. His contemporary direction style reflects his search for unique executions of great ideas and keeps him at the cutting edge of film making.

Jae is represented by Finch in Australia and New Zealand.

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