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Curious explorer of infinite realms.

Updated 2012.01.27

Wakeful Being {

Welcome. I am in the process of transitioning away from YouTube and Google in general.

Original content here at Vimeo will be consistently named beginning with the production/release date/release number: YYYYMMDDRR

My content is created for all audiences with an open invitation to young minds - the future. Original productions incorporate my own text, illustration, art, sound, music, photography and film footage. You may find subject matter uncomfortable at times but my content will be free from profanity and vulgarity - as will all comments that I choose to approve. I will REJECT unintelligible comments or comments wherein such words as "there", "their" and "they're" are used incorrectly. If English is your mother tongue then learn to exercise the basics.

If you find it compellingly necessary to copy things, you are free to copy and re-upload my works or, better yet, use excerpts from my content so long as you provide a clear and respectful credit. Best technique for crediting excerpts is a simple super-imposed text credit presented during the clip, just as you may see in my videos when judiciously incorporating non-original excerpts. My stuff is made by me and I do not care to attract copyright infringement issues. Neither should you if you're really bringing something of value to the table.

We are learning that All is One, and here in my human vehicle, I perceive that we, as planetary beings, inherently have two main areas of focus that we must increasingly unite: our physical world (matter) and its progenitor, the spiritual realms (energy). My perception is that it is FIRSTLY important to awaken to your Divine Spirit's purpose by detaching from all that has been programmed into you by the controlling matrix. * Sigh * I know it is difficult but what else is there for us to do? You and I were born to play a unique music right now in this time, in this world. You must find self love and leap into space and trust. There is no time for baby steps as that ran out for our parents and grand parents... said best by my friend Elise Amastesia Anandamayi, "Grow or go!"

Recognizing your Divine Spirit and self love as part of total Cosmic Love, you must change your daily ways, your LIFESTYLE, to do only what is right in your heart. Feed your family raw, homegrown and/or organic foods that are full of life force energy. Let go of television. Get away from wireless everything. Learn to play. Save seeds, connect with Earth and our star(s), plant your food, find fresh spring water source and stop drinking bottled water or filtered water, and please do not drink any water from public supply or reconstituted juices or sodas.

In other words... begin to take care of your Self, your body temple, your home temple, the family, the yard and nearest community. Do it at the most fundamental levels first because you are love consciousness and choose to vote with your enlightened consumer actions and LIFESTYLE CHOICES. Just do it.

Blow the hatch on all your cleaning, laundry and personal care products. Just do it. All you need is vinegar, citrus-based dish soap, Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap, baking soda, a natural laundry soap containing only borax, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and natural citrus-based cleaners and surfactants (in the U.S. these may include: 20 Mule Team, BioKleen, Country Save, 7th Generation) and have some hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and vodka on hand for bleaching and disinfecting. ALL mainstream laundry products are highly toxic, even those labeled as "unscented" or "hypoallergenic" are part of the slow-kill cocktail of the global eugenics programs. Wake up and fine-tune your senses by eliminating toxins from your every day experience.

Get rid-of, or turn off all unnecessary wireless devices. This is tough one. But if you have laptop at home, then plug-in the ethernet cable to your modem/router and turn-off both wireless LAN and Bluetooth modes on the laptop. Turn-off the wireless mode of the modem or router! Figure-out how to do it. Stop being stupid. Portable phones, cell phones, wireless gaming, wireless routers, TVs... all microwaves. EMF is the biggest, most insidious pollution that is killing us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Start unplugging now. Start asking yourself "How does this stuff work exactly?" Hybrid cars? Hybrid cars, like those produced by Toyota and Honda are mega-dose EMF radiation chambers.

Read ingredients in everything you buy and understand sugar stacking and inclusion of nasty things like MSG that go disguised by many other names. Say no to GMOs and get all unfermented soy out of your diet. So many people are addicted to uncountable "things" and this a great vulnerability to the human race. Either act now with individual accountability or find yourself and your children in the prisons planned by those who would sicken and enslave us.

The children suffer. They are neglected and poisoned, restricted and restrained, uncomfortably bundled in disposable diapers and toxic laundry chemicals, smeared with alcohols and all manner of toxic sunscreen. I feel the worst for the children who are sentenced to an increasing and maddening cacophony of chemical, electromagnetic, psychological and spiritual burdens. If you are awake it is your instinctive calling to preserve that wakefulness in the children, otherwise there is no good reason in the face of this planet to concern ourselves with life and the survival of what is on our doorstep.


If you are stressed and confused then get barefoot on the ground (30 minutes or more each day) and sing this song and smile and cry deeply to the depths and the heights, learn what tears of joy feels like, and get strong:
Ra Ma Da Sa ...
Sa Say So Hung ....

Turn on the light and darkness goes away.


} Jahrun

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