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San Francisco, CA

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Jake Durrett is a video production specialist based in San Francisco, California.

Jake is a graduate of Western Michigan University, earning his degree with high honors in Film and Video Production. In 2005, he started his video production company, Jake Durrett Films, which has provided professional results for over 100 clients throughout North America.

In 2007, Jake attended the Adobe Reel Ideas Studio student filmmaker program at the Cannes Film Festival on the southern coast of France. There, his documentary “The Carousel” received a first place ranking. He worked and learned from numerous industry professionals, including Michael Moore in France and Chris Coppola at the 2007 PAH-Fest in New Mexico. With extensive experience providing professional and creative video art, Jake creates powerful media that goes beyond typical video.

In addition to video, Jake is a Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux hardware and software support technician, specializing in end user desktop support and IT architecture. He currently works full-time for a SF creative agency.

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