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Coming from a family with a passion for filmmaking, Jake Soriano a student at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde dedicates his life to creating genuine stories and translating them into a visual language. Starting out by directing his cousins and friends in amateur videos, he discovered his love and passion for film production. With unique ideas and a fresh style, he shot his first music video with Universal Records at the early age of 19. He continues to work on music videos, AVPs, virals and short films for various artists and individuals, but one day hopes to break into the advertising industry and become a TV Commercial Director.

With perseverance and determination, Jake Soriano aspires to make a difference in the Philippine film industry and inspire other young filmmakers to realize their dream and believe that anything is possible. Giving 110 percent in every project, he treats each of them as if it were to be his best project yet.

He takes joy in making dreams and imaginations come to life.

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