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Writer-director. Currently based in Oslo, Norway. MA directing graduate of the National Film & Television School, London.

Right now: Completing NOTHING EVER REALLY ENDS (my 10th short film). Also writing and developing two feature films with support from the Norwegian Film Institute.

My short film work includes:

MY FRIEND KILLS TIMES premiered at South By Southwest in 2012. It is now available online at Nowness and on the NFI Blueray Best of 2013.

The medium length film SCRATCH, set in the East-London art scene, won the main prize at the Aubagne Film Festival in 2010.

My graduation film, VANILLA SONG, was selected for the Cannes Film Festival, Cinéfondation.

I've also attended Jeanne Moreau's screenwriting workshop in France, The Berlin Talent Campus and the Judith Weston Acting For Directors workshop in LA. Before going to film school I did Media Studies at Bergen University. I´m a three year recipient of the Norwegian State Grant for Young Film Artists

As a commercials and content director, I´ve worked for major clients as diverse as Scandinavian Airlines, MTV, Nordea Bank and the Norwegian Department Of Education. The fashion-ad HUNGER was profiled in Shots and nominated for the Young Directors Award in Cannes 2013.

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