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An American Actor, musician, filmmaker and entrepreneur of Dominican descend. He has had multiple credited roles on TV and Film and founded myfirstsingle.com, a social networking platform for musicians that launched in July 2009. He is also the Co-Founder of Lime Lion Technologies, a (Holdings) company based out of Beverly Hills, Delaware and Silicon Valley. Jalen began his career featured with top artists, discovered and encouraged in his career by the likes of Superstars Enrique Iglesias, Laz Alonso, Lenny Medina, Wood Harris, Roy Tavare among others. Providing audiences with a unique rapping style, he has appeared in over 50 advertising campaigns and major commercials for Fortune 500 companies such as Bud Light, Burger King & Coca Cola among other notables. Jalen is an ex-member/songwriter and producer of internationally famed Latin group Toke D' Keda (Toque D' Keda) and is credited with pioneering and implementing Hip Hop into the Bachata genre. The band was voted to Latin People's 50 most beautiful, sold millions of records & toured the world 10 times. Jalen is the founder & CEO of wize foolz music, inc & HighDef Dreams. HighDef has produced an array of diverse content from comedic and corporate shorts & promos, to awe and inspiring short films. HDD is currently producing several music videos and Tv shows. Clients include Dwyane Wade's "Wade's World Foundation" & PropPops, Magic Juan, BeeFree Media, Avicii, Brandon Marshall, News Cafe and many SOBE venues just to name a few. Mr. Acosta works tirelessly with several non-profit organizations, he is passionate about the fight against cancer, hemophilia and and hopes to spread his message of better education opportunities. He currently teaches a Film Institute for the City of Miami's Summer program, which encourages inner city youth interns to learn, grow and get prepared for future jobs within the film Miami industry. He capped off 2014 with their production of his first feature film "Unrealistic".

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