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We offer a wide range of services for companies, productions and individuals looking for a fresh, clean look for their media. Take a look at our blog to get up-to-date on our latest outings. We're always looking for opportunities to experience the unknown, hear new stories, set out on adventures, travel and meet new people. Contact us if you have a project you'd like our help with.


About James Adamson:

Rugged mountain peaks, rock faces and gorgeous terrain are all James Adamson dreams of. Having grown up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, James has always tried to surround himself with the great wilderness that shaped his childhood. Outdoor sports have been central in James’ life since the age of six, and he has been climbing since age 11. In the younger years of his life, James filled his time with survival training camps, mountain biking and climbing, and eventually became an adventure guide himself.

James developed a love of story telling as a child through the inspirational work of photographers like Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell. Adams is a known visionary in the photography world and was more than just an icon to James; he introduced to photography in Adams’ personal dark room and was encouraged to create his own. He was given a great base of storytelling through imagery that could not be duplicated.

Being heavily supported by his parents in everything that he did, James also graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in journalism. His love of storytelling was fortified through his work as the head multimedia producer at the university’s journal.

The city provided culture, art and an urban scene that captivated James but was unable to provide the wide-open spaces of the great outdoors. James found himself back in the mountains in the heart of historic Yosemite. He lived in Yosemite during the summers for several seasons climbing and he becoming schooled on long, hard routes sometimes completed solo. Adamson has also gone on several international expeditions.  Traveling to South America, Nepal, China, Europe and North America to climb, bike and ski.

James has been an avid mountain biker, a ski bum and dirt bag among many other titles. He realized that he could combine his love of storytelling and adventure sports with a new venture of his own design. As his worlds began to morph, it made sense to become an adventure sports lifer and storyteller through imagery. James created his first production company in 2007 named Adventure Refugee that began as a blog. In 2009, the company was considered a professional business. By 2011, the company had become a cinema storytelling tool that was sought after by some of the best names in outdoor sports.

Today, Adamson is focused on exhibiting a mobile lifestyle. He immerses himself in local culture and tries to never linger in one place for long. He is still a devoted athlete and an enthusiastic racer. Competition still runs rampant through James’ veins, and drives him to aspire for those objects and dreams that are slightly out of reach, but not unreachable.

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