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I am a creative Video Editor and Graphic Designer based in Brighton & London having edited content for Virgin Atlantic, Samsung and Adidas in both a freelance & agency team capacity respectively.

I have worked in print design in both the UK & US with extensive audio-visual editing experience in promos, interviews, narratives (both dramatic and commercial) short & long-form material plus documentary content.

My interest in film and visual art began early learning a family member worked on many films including The Italian Job and also with Stanley Kubrick at Pinewood Studios. Since then I've been inspired to film and create several street-based documentary films on urban sports & city reportage alongside other engagements in both design and post-production.

Whilst also an active screenwriter with a background in feature editing for print my primary focus remains that of editing and associated post-production services and I always welcome the opportunity to be part of creative and challenging projects.


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