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Brooklyn NY

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Award-winning filmmaker at the intersection of food, culture, and economics

I got 99 problems, but not having 20 boxes of Mallomars ain't one.

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  • 1 Minute Meal - My web series on the intersection of real food and real culture in NYC.
  • Real Cheap Eats - NYC's best guide to food for $10 or less. I am the founder.
  • Serious Eats - Where I've contributed stories about food and travel since 2010.
  • The Eaten Path - The Eaten Path delivers the story of a meal. Sometimes it is about the meal. Sometimes it is about the journey to get to the meal.


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  2. Ian Edgar
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  4. Will Jobe
  5. American Food Roots
  6. Tara Kutz
  7. Kristen Hess (The Artful Gourmet
  8. Mackenzie Smith
  9. The Perennial Plate
  10. Alex Dao
  11. Storyhunter
  12. Jessica Leibowitz
  13. Keeley Steenson
  14. Alison Grasso
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