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Born and raised in Birmingham, England, in the U.K., James Jay Bryhan always knew he wanted to be an actor.

Throughout his life, he has nurtured and developed his own natural abilities while also honing an array of varying skills he has learned from masters in the craft, all of which he brings to the stage and screen.

Bryhan’s real life background is as diverse and eclectic as the many roles he has played. An ex fusilier, having served in A company, and a former truck driver, James is also trained in mixed martial arts. It wasn’t, however, until he began his studies in theater work at the Birmingham Theatre School that James hit his stride while under the tutelage of Chris Rozanski.

Shortly after graduating, he appeared in multiple theater runs and independent short-films, snatching coveted roles in projects including Contract, Moses, Convictions and Assassins. He has also appeared in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Peaky Blinders as well as other well-know drama series. James was nominated for The BEFFTA Awards for Best Actor after appearing in, To the End of the Road, as Pikie.

Bryhan nabbed the lead role of Lance Cooper in the cult favorite horror, based on a true story, The Apostate: Call of the Revenant, alongside his co-star,Terri Dwyer (Hollyoaks).

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