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James Carman is an accomplished New York based creative producer and director. He has also worked as a cinematographer and photographer since 1989.
James is inspired by the worldly and otherworldly. He creates content that looks behind the veil of consensual reality, examining what most are ready to ignore. His art is for the curious and brave. It is for those who want humanity to evolve spiritually.
His feature length documentary, The Hidden Hand; Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up, has won 5 awards and is distributed internationally. It was on both Amazon Prime’s and Netflix’s best selling documentary lists for 3 weeks. On Netflix over 210,000 people have rated or commented on the film.
James has shot many features films that have been shown in festivals and theaters around the globe (Sundance, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto film festivals and the MOMA in New York). His short films have premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and at the Locarno Film Festival. James is a member of the Producer’s Guild and is currently producing a TV series, Superconscious.

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