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Quirky, inquisitive and enthusiastic, James Koroni approaches the New York City arts scene to a jovial rhythm. He is a professional singer, actor, dancer, choreographer and creative director. His portfolio is a collection of works of which he has contributed one or all of his talents to, to aid it’s success.

He studied at ‘The Edge,’ ‘Broadway Dance Center‘ and Santa Monica College. A few of his credits include Madonna, Princess Superstar, Notic Nastic, Sasha, Clara Lofaro, Mandy Lee, an AVEDA promo video and Good Morning America. His choreography has been invited yearly to perform across seas in a Parisian festival at La Bellevilloise. His theatrical credits include Love In A Tub under the direction of James Manzello, The Man Who Wasn’t There and Bagabones all in The Fringe Festival here in New York City and Edmonton, Canada. He portrayed the role of Young Rich in the Equity Showcase of Lemon Meringue under the direction of Terri Muuss. Along with Co-Creative Director Tracey Katof, Enforced Arch presented an evening length show entitled ‘ALLIANCE’ Art & Activism at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. His internships and administrative credits include ‘Broadway Dance Center’ under the International Student Visa Program with Director Bonnie Erickson and at Cynthia King Dance Studio as Cynthia King’s Executive Assistant.

The moves, dancers, editing and message are brilliant! …Tracey and James have the ability to transform us wherever they go.
-Grover Dale Best Director, Tony Award Winner

Koroni is inspiring performers everywhere!
-The Discerning Brute

Enforced Arch, founded by James Koroni, uses its exceptional and distinctive talent to put environmental and social issues on display.
-The Wild Magazine

James Koroni uses his love of dance as a form of activism through his creation and curation of Enforced Arch, a group of performers who are using the power of their movements to create dialogue about big issues like animal welfare and social justice.
-VegNews Magazine

Contact – JamesKoroni@gmail.com

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