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Director of music videos, short films, commercials, virals and TV shows.

Films have been selected and won awards at Sundance, LA Film Fest, SXSW, Clermont-Ferrand, Seattle, AFI Fest, Cork and over 70 others worldwide. One film was even nominated for a European Film Academy Award... which was nice.


  1. Jacob T. Swinney
  2. Dazed
  3. Keith Schofield
  4. Michelle Cho
  5. Dustin Lane
  6. mimi cave
  7. Jessica Nicole Collins
  8. Emily Kai Bock
  9. Benjamin Loeb
  10. Rattling Stick
  11. Stephen Paul
  12. zack spiger
  13. db
  14. Everything All At Once
  15. Nina
  16. Nettwerk Music Group
  17. Dugan O'Neal
  18. Sam Morrill

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