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Fort Walton Beach, FL

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During my long career in physics and electro-optical engineering, I often took diversions into multimedia. I produced slide shows of drawings and other art, kinetic light projections, 8mm movies and videotape, and created lighting effects with a small modern dance group. I have long been interested in unusual video effects but also stories that teach aspects of mind, spirit and its interplay with fantasy. I once built a small theater of light behind my home for esthetic light shows called 'lumia.' My audience saw effects of about 20 special projection instruments choreographed with music ranging from ethereal to majestic. My interest now is making digital video, writing for readers theater and production of multimedia presentations.

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  1. Symbolism is apparent, though disconnected and confusing. But the excellent animation and musical form makes this mesmerizing. Taken only as an experience, it is captivating.