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Central New York

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James D Schafer, creator of JaDoyle Productions, began shooting on his father's old VHS camcorder in the Fall of 2000. That Winter he got his first Hi8 camcorder. Bringing it everywhere he went, he began video taping his friends and showing people the wacky things they'd do for fun. In the Spring of 2001 he received his first editing program and made his mother's PC his very own edit station. When junior year came around he took advantage of the BOCES Broadcast Technology program, and learned the basics to video production and live television. A year after graduating highschool, James found the school that was right for him. In the Fall of 2008 he attended the Art Institute of NYC to further his studies in video production. Now in 2015, after graduating from AI, he continues offering his services to everyone he encounters.

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