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James Shields is an up-and-coming commercial and fashion photographer, currently based out of the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Currently studying an Advanced Diploma of Photography, James is constantly developing his skills in professional photography, with a major emphasis on commercial, advertising, fashion, product, and portraiture photography. James has extensive experience working on both studio & location shoots, and is constantly generating his own photographic work for implementation in his portfolio. Before choosing to become a professional photographer, James studied a Bachelor of Performance (Acting) at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art (AADA) - recently renamed to AIM Dramatic Arts - where he chose to have a major study emphasis on directing, lighting design, and theatre design. James is extremely passionate about creating bold, artistic, and iconic photographs for companies, magazines, models and individuals alike. If you or your company are in need of photographic services, please contact James in order to discuss your requirements. James offers a full range of photographic services and requests that he is actively involved in the creative development process for all his work, to ensure that he provides images of the highest professional and artistic caliber.

"As a photographer, I want to create work that is more than just a series of 'pretty images'. Whether I am working on creating a commercial, fashion, or fine art image, I want to capture and create photographs that express who my subject is & what they stand for, whilst always remaining true to my artistic values and how I view the subject at hand. When photographing people, I believe that it is important to reveal something about the nature of being human - who we are as an individual and the characteristics which define us, otherwise what's the point? If a picture can truly speak a thousand words, then respect and empathy for my subject and surrounding space is a vital ingredient in creating photographic works that not only engage, but speak to an audience on a very personal and emotional level. I believe that there is an inherent responsibility that comes with the title 'Photographer', one that requires us to capture a lifetimes worth of intimate moments subjectively, without bias or prejudice, create visual experiences for others to share in, and most importantly, validate that any particular moment did in fact take place. For me, my camera is the master of the instant, an instrument which blends intuition with spontaneity, and requires me to both question and decide simultaneously. For any photographer, one of the hardest challenges can be capturing the 'decisive moment' in such a way that both story and journey unfold from the work. I want my images to invoke the imagination, challenge, and excite those who view and purchase my work. Heavily influenced and inspired by the works of such photography masters as Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, David LaChapelle, Joel Grimes, Karl Taylor, Alex Koloskov, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Ansel Adams (just to name a few…), I am striving to specialise in high-end Commercial, Fashion, and Portrait photography."

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