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Director James Teh
Email: jimiteh@gmail.com
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James Teh is a natural story teller with a genuine sense of fashion, strong commercial instincts and a deft comic touch.

With his signature commitment to striking pictures, comic timing and a stylized execution, it is no surprise James Teh started his career formerly studying Visual and Performing Arts at Melbourne University. Furthering his studies at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Film School with a Bachelor degree (2001) awarded him with the VCA KODAK cinematographers’ award.

His unique fusion of live action, stylized comedy and ability to construct visually intriguing narratives, has seen James constantly explore new and innovative visual possibilities.

James went from film school to directing episodes of the Australia Film Institute award winning television show ‘John Safran’s Music Jamboree’ and ‘John Safran Vs God’ with Ghost Pictures and SBS. It was around this time James started developing his skills as a DOP working for a variety of other notable Directors.

James’ music video resume includes work for a roster of artists as impressive as they are diverse. James has collaborated with a spectrum of artists, creating influential and memorable videos for Grinspoon, Kisschasy, and Bodyjar. He still continues to DOP his own Music Videos.

In the field of advertising James’ potential is demonstrated in his ability to develop concepts and a consistent talent to achieve great performances.

A tireless work ethic has enabled James to secure a client base that is unusually varied, giving him shooting experience in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and Vietnam. James’ list of clients includes Knorr, Unilever, Coca Cola, Kotex, KFC, CLEO, LG and Sunsilk just to mention a few. To view some of his work visit jamesteh.com .

Building his name as an innovative tastemaker, James has the ability to reach a discerning audience. James continues to develop his unique film language, working as a director of commercials and music videos. James Recently took on the role as DOP for Brunei's First Feature film 'YASMINE'. Currently James has based himself in Bangkok and is directing commercial around the region as a freelance director.

• Cannes Silver and Bronze lion 2014. Cannes Health, Eye Mo
• Spikes Gold & Silver Health award 2014 Eye Mo
• Golden Bell AWARDS VIETNAM 2008– BEST TVC – KFC ‘Chicknotized’
• MADC Award 2007 - BEST DIGITAL ADVERTISMENT – Aussie Bodies ‘Room Service’
• Melbourne International Comedy Short Film Festival 2006 - WINNER BEST SHORT FILM -‘Jonathan Livingstone CEO’
• Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival 1999 - WINNER BEST SHORT FILM ‘Baby Rattle’
• Kodak Excellence in Cinematography Award VCA 2001

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