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  1. Trailers

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    Trailers to Jamie Kennedy's recent or upcoming movies (star or co-starring roles)

  2. Kennedy's Court - Promotional Materials

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    22-minute pilot, sizzles, and promos for Kennedy's Court

  3. Scripted Sizzles

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    Sizzle reels for scripted TV and feature projects in various stages of development.

  4. Jamie Performance / Appearance / Old Videos

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  5. Shelved Projects

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  6. Standup

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    Various standup performances by Jamie Kennedy.

  7. Reality/Unscripted Sizzles

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    Sizzle reels for unscripted TV projects in development at JKE

  8. Kennedy's Court - Cut Cases

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    The hidden-camera web series Kennedy's Court spoofs the court-show genre: The courtroom is real, the cases are real, but the judge is prank mastermind Jamie Kennedy. These are the cases cut for…

  9. Commercials

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    Jamie Kennedy has produced and performed in various commercial efforts for a wide range of products. From acting in JKX-inspired pieces for Coors Light and Aquafina, to directing a hidden-camera campaign…

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