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Jamie McDine is an award winning director and producer of short films, documentaries, music videos and websites. He is currently living in Wiltshire, England, working on a variety of projects in both English and German.

His films have been released on DVD, broadcast on regional and national television, screened in cinemas and at film festivals across Europe, and even used in schools and universities across the globe.

His most successful and recent projects include the official website and music videos for Ian Brown, football documentaries "Blauweiss" and "3 Lions", together with promotional films for the German tourist office, National Trust and various other organisations.

He is also a pioneer in the delivery of film, animation and photography in the classroom, working with a variety of schools and community groups in Wiltshire and the surrounding area, and works as an artist in residence at the Matravers School in Westbury.

Jamie is now turning his award winning film talents to the production of beautiful wedding videos in Wiltshire, Bath and Somerset. Prices start from £500, so please visit wiltshireweddingvideo.info for more information, and please spread the word!

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