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Super married to the bestestestestestes man ever since July 14th, 2006. I'm Cuban, been in the States since 1993.
Extra hyper at times, perhaps is the Latina in me that adds to the craziness, I don't complain ;) I rather enjoy the randomness of my personality & the disasters that come along with being me...

1. I think I have multiple personality disorder (undiagnosed)
2. I think I have obsessive compulsive disorder (also undiagnosed)
3. My husband thinks I am actually a cartoon character
4. I think he may be right
5. Sometimes I get tired of my own voice (my tongue stings... it actually stings!)
6. Extreme excitement causes me to twitch (for an example of this you can watch the video from my engagement.)
7. My husband kicks me at night. (very much like this ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80561343/)
8. I mumble in my sleep (probably about him kicking me.)
9. I sometimes bite when I'm frustrated.
10. I'm CUBAN! (the good kind.)
11. It takes me approximately 27 minutes to get my coffee just right at Starbucks (I have been called a mad scientist)
12. My husband is my life.

1. (I can't say this one... some people will get upset... you know who you are.)
2. People who commit to projects then disappear from the face of the earth as though they were abducted by aliens
3. Alien abductions
4. That I'm allergic to shrimp (my lips swell up in the Red Lobster parking lot)
5. Kids who turn around in restaurant booths and stare at me (my right eye starts twitching.)
6. That I can't hear the difference between "costume" and "custom" (and I always say both of them wrong.)
7. That my husband won't let me bite him when I'm frustrated.
8. CUBANS! (the bad kind.)
9. People who crowd me at Starbucks while I'm making my coffee
10. Baristas who don't understand that I need the cream for my coffee heated because it takes me 27 minutes to get the coffee just right and by then it's cold.
11. Baristas who don't understand that I need the cream in a separate little cup because I have to add the cream in increments.

XO, Jane.

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