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Hi, I'm Jangojim, born in 1985, the year of Back to the Future. I'm an artist from Antwerp, Belgium (The Land of Chocolate). I do all kinds of creative explorations, but mostly silly comix, colourful fun illustrations, animation and murals ( I'm part of a collective called STUDIO ENTROPICA ). Also some comedy stuff for tv and I co-organise comic strip and arts festival KLAXON in Antwerp.

I have an endless and growing list of things that inspire me. From brilliant jazz guitar player Django Reinhardt, Andrew Bird, the 1920s in America, The Muppets, Star Wars, Ren & Stimpy, Jan Svankmajer, 50s B-Movies, old toys, machines, precolumbian civilizations, travelling, psychedelic rock music to animation and indie rock. Oh, and food. Yes, delicious FOOOOD ! Machines and big cities, freak shows, Tim & Eric,..

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