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Janine Eggenberger discovered her passion for dance very early in life. Born and raised in Switzerland, she began dancing ballet at the age of 6. As a young adult, Janine longed to improve her dance technique so she moved to New York City for a year. Upon completion of her training, she returned to Switzerland and toured as a dancer and aerialist with the company Deep Emotions. She also enjoyed performing as an aerialist in the Opera, The Flying Dutch, at the theater in Bern. Janine's aerial silks act took her all the way to the semi-finals of Swiss Got Talent. Janine has been studying Aerial over the past 4 years in New York, Seattle, Australia and Switzerland. In 2012 she got her artist visa for the USA and has been working as an aerialist and dancer for different Company events, like at Capitale, Congress house Zurich or Phoenix Entertainment. Recently she just finished her contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as an aerialist and dancer. In addition to being a performer Janine is a aerial and dance teacher and owns her school flyingdance in Switzerland. To see her work, you can visit her website: flyingdance.ch

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