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Jan Lubicz Przyluski - Born 1979. visual artist, filmmaker and anthropologist. Author of the book "Art of Action" (2007), hermeneutics of performative arts in Poland. Master of Science at Warsaw University, student of prof. Leszek Kolankiewicz. Studied also in Department of Philosophy at Warsaw University and at the International School of Theater Anthropology led by Eugenio Barba. Working on PhD at the Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Science. Jan lectured at various institutions such as Charles University, Prague, CCA Tel Aviv, Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, ICC Krakow.
In theater, he was working with Krystian Lupa on "Persona. Marylin" and "Persona. The Body of Simone" as video artist. He runs Bellmer Society, a art organisation focused on the art of Hans Bellmer, surrealism, hermetism and magical arts.
In film, he is directing films, postdirecting (found footage) and editing movies (ex. "Glass Trap" - European Film Awards Nominee for Best Short Documentary, or "Minstrel Show" produced by Foksal Foundation). He made a number of documentaries (ex. "The Differences", "Symposion of Reality" with Rafal Leszczynski, "Infinite Movement" with Pawel Ferdek, "Stone and Fish" with Mateusz Skalski) and a lot of short experimental films. He is cooperating with various visual artists, in exemple Jan Świdzinski (Festival In the Context of Art/ Differences), Wiktor Gutt (Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw and Polish National Gallery), Anka Niesterowicz and Lukasz Gutt (Foksal Foundation / Kunsthalle Basel). Also author of a scenarios for a series of documentaries on art brut for Polish National Audiovisual Institute (NINA).


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