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Information Architect from Berlin. Read my Bio at about.me/jan.jursa

I was born in Prague but I definitely speak German better than Czech. I live in Berlin —
a very hot place to be :) ...

On Amazon: bit.ly/UX_Storytellers
I am Editor in Chief of UX Storytellers

Co-Founder, Managing Director:
German IA Summit (IA & UX)
Co-Founder, Managing Director:
MobX (Mobile UX & Usability)
Co-Founder, Managing Director: MEDlove (Healthcare, Service Design, UX)

My show: IATV Radio (UX & Rock'n Roll)

What else?
I tweet as IATV
I co-organize the Berlin IA Cocktail Hour
I am the EuroIA Country Ambassador (DE)
I am part of the European Centre for UX
Google Plus: gplus.to/janjursa

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