Mathias Janko

Austria, Wien/Graz

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I live and work... (most of the time in Vienna)

One of my main fields of interest is the perception and construction of realities in correlation with actualities through nature.

I was born in Judenburg, Austria, in 1988.
After three years at a secondary college for structural engineering technology, I transferred to the Ortweinschule in Graz, a secondary college, where I enrolled for Multimedia-Art with focus on audio-visual media.
Additionally, as a member of the collective FruitMedia I made live-Visuals at various event locations in Graz, such as Postgarage, PPC and Dom im Berg.
Since 2010, I have studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department for Transmedial Art under the direction of Prof. Brigitte Kowanz.

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