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Toronto/Montreal (Canada)

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Jared’s passion for writing, editing, and directing film branches out of his love for the diversified arts.

Jared is an avid, 29-year-old, moviegoer whose love for cinema has led him to produce, edit, write, and direct, many of the short films that make up his current repertoire of work.

In 2002, Jared's short screenplay,'Filmstruck', was nominated & accepted into the 2002 'Youngcuts' Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

In 2005, 'Another Word for Love', a short film Jared co-wrote, co-edited and co-directed, was accepted into the Toronto, 2005 'Youngcuts' Film Festival.

Since then, Jared has continued to write, edit & direct, a wide range of shorts while progressing his skills as both a director and a full-time editor.

In 2010, Jared’s short film, 'Hokum', won “Best International Thriller Short” at the 2010 “NYIFF” (New York International Independent Film & Video Festival).

'Hokum' was also part of the "official selection" for the 2011 Munoz Generations International Film Festival in Los Angeles where the short won "Best Thriller".

In 2013, Jared has recently completed production on his upcoming short film, 'Streamer', and is currently in development on his feature film
"Shut Up".

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