Jarred Hay

Burnie, Tasmania

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Young Graphic designer and aspiring videographer. Graphic requests through Deviant Art will mostly bee free of charge. With my truly unique style I will bring, Professional graphics and video making to a whole new level.

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  • YouTube - This the channel I run as my Graphic Design channel.
  • Portfolio - My Graphic design portfolio, containing Photo-manipulations, Logo Design, Photography and other items.


  1. PostPanic
  2. Jarod Lucas
  4. Funk Brothers
  5. Camille Marotte
  6. Hughes William Thompson
  7. Pier Paolo
  8. Alex Barnes
  9. Academy Plus (A+)
  10. Betty Wants In
  11. Spy Films

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  1. Another perfect upload man! Seems like a new place for the lads to check out!?