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New York, New York

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Jasmine Sage is a musician and vocalist from Seattle and New York. After writing over 300 songs in the past three years, she is currently working on recording her debut full length that will follow a string of singles and videos emerging in 2013. Sage grew up with her aunt and uncle in a recording room lined with three walls of vinyl records, her bed being centered amidst the floor to ceiling collection from her uncle's late career as a DJ at a local classic rock station. After school, Sage and her friends would ride motorbikes through the mountains and listen to records from the sixties. Her staple five initial inspirations were The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Iron Butterfly. Sage's powerful contralto voice has been compared to Grace Slick and Florence Welch, and her stage presence called "otherly". With many songs coming to her completely arranged through dreams, Sage records and plays all instruments on demos in her living room before production. In 2012, Sage travelled to Los Angeles to record two singles with Cold War Kids' Producer Matt Wignall. "Diamond" and "Woman" were released in early 2013, and Sage and Wignall subsequently continued their collaboration making the video for "Woman" in April 2013. Her music has been described as "edgy-angelic" with it's embodiment of choral chants, primordial drums and electric guitar riffs. Stay tuned for much coming from this Artist...

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