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My name is Jason D. Page and I am a light painter. I create my images in almost total darkness. I work in a 3 dimensional space and paint with light just as a traditional painter would with oils or acrylics, except my medium IS light. To capture my light painting work I use a photographic technique know as long exposure photography. I open the shutter of my camera for an extended period of time and use various light sources to create color and designs within the frame. Every light painting is unique and unrepeatable. To produce my images I use everything from ordinary household flashlights to chemical concoctions of nitrate and potassium chlorate to create explosions of light. There is no photo editing used to create anything see in my images! All of my light painting images are created in real time and captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. My personal website is jasondpage.com/ I am also the founder of lightpaintingphotography.com/ a website for the promotion and progression of light painting photography.

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