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Jason began his cinematography career as a teenager shooting wedding videos on weekends. It was during this time that he started attending Australian Cinematographer Society information evenings and became inspired to focus his energies into becoming a cinematographer.

In 1996 he enrolled into the Queensland College of Arts, Bachelor of Screen Production. Whilst at university Jason gained valuable experience working for Sam Simpson from Matched Image pulling cables, camera assisting, sound recording and auto cue operating. Sam would say that 'He was a better camera assistant than he was a sound recordist'. His focus was unrelenting and in 1999 was accepted into the Master of Arts in Cinematography course at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School where he worked with directors including Cate Shortland and Sean Byrne.

After completing formal studies in 2001 Jason returned to Brisbane and began working primarily in documentary. Shooting documentaries for the ABC and SBS took him around Australia and parts of the world. It was this experience in documentary that gave him invaluable skills in working with and manipulating available lighting, as well as story telling on the fly.

From Documentary, Jason's career then branched out into Drama, Television commercials and Music Videos. This move has allowed him to further develop his creative and stylised approach to shooting and his passion for the craft of filmmaking. During the last 15 years, Jason has photographed countless commercials with both local and interstate Directors and has shot music videos for artists including the Living end, Kate Miller Heidki, Darren Hayes and Megan Washington.

Jason has won over 40 of local & international awards for his Cinematography. He continues to forge connections with new collaborators and is inspired by the awesome people he loves to work with every day.

In September 2012, Jason was awarded accreditation by the Australian Cinematographer's Society, allowing him to use the letters ACS after his name.

I am currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I hold a current O-1 US Work Visa.

Email. Contact@jasonhargreaves.com
Ph. +61 419702256

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