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Battersea, London, UK

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He is an imaginative, creative and inventive Director Of Photography, Photographer, Camera Operator and Steadicam© Operator as well, who always seeks to excite the visual senses through his work. With his pictures he investigates the psychology beneath the surface of human relationships. He tries to see the intricacies of human nature and reveal the story behind the eyes. That explains his affection for portraits. His is a storyteller using light and shadow in order to explore the power of the image, that to him, can communicate more than words. He has many years of work experience in a variety of art forms and different work environments. He is passionate about perfection and works hard, accurately and efficiently. He studied "Theatre Studies" at the University of Patras (Greece) and "Filmmaking" at the London Film Academy (UK). He has worked for many years in theatres in Greece as a stage technician and lighting designer, before moving to London to continue in filmmaking. Simultaneously he has been developing his personal film and photography projects.

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