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London, U.K.

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I'm a writer and director, having collected Silver Screen Awards for my writing, and Best Film and Best Director awards for my short films, including The Terms, which has featured at over 30 festivals worldwide, including the prestigious Tribeca and Los Angeles Film Festivals.

My style ranges from funky and creative to elegant and simple, as dictated by the needs of each film. I'm equally comfortable in 3D greenscreen environments and day-in-the-life films. I excel at bringing a commercial aesthetic to corporate clients, increasingly important in today's climate as companies use short films online as a big part of their marketing strategies.

I bring a variety of industry experiences to the table as director: a background working with actors in the theater, all roles in the production department on loads of commercials, and owning and operating a small post house in Santa Monica.

I try to think outside the brief. Keep each job fresh. Impress the client. Impact the audience.

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